The Role of The Case Officer
FVS survey results, Surrey County Council response, and next steps…

FVS survey, report and recommendations
In March 2023, Family Voice Surrey’s quarterly quantitative data survey was based on the role of the Case Officer. This was following concerns raised with us by families who were having communication issues with their SEND Case Officer. Our aim was to identify the issues so that we could establish some key, tangible recommendations and outcomes to work on with our partners at Surrey County Council to help improve communications and support for the families we represent. Our survey comprised of 15 questions and was open from 1st February to the 3rd March 2023. We received a total of 500 responses. The following Case Officer Survey Report is based on the input and feedback from parent carers and the six recommendations we created as a result. We would like to give a big thanks to all the families who took the time to complete the survey.

SCC response
We shared the report and recommendations with key staff at Surrey County Council. Following further conversations and correspondence we have now received their formal response to the survey which details which recommendations they are going to implement and how these will be taken forward.

Next steps
We recognise the impact this is having on families and are consistently drawing it to SCC’s attention. We have made a number of recommendations following the survey. We have identified a number of areas within the response where we need to ensure true coproduction is and will take place, and we look forward to working with SCC and key partners within the Surrey Additional Needs and Disabilities Partnership to ensure the recommendations are completed effectively. We have been invited to share our findings with County Councilor members of the Children, Families, Lifelong Learning and Culture Select Committee and will be discussing next steps with them. The work we are doing with SCC and partners requires input from the families who are affected and we would like to hear any recent examples to see where the changes SCC have mentioned and committed to are being implemented consistently.

We will rerun the survey in January 2023, to provide evidence of what we hope will be positive change. Details of the survey and comparisons against the 2023 survey will be shared with members and key partners.

Who is leading on this work?
Leanne Henderson and Kate Goode, our Participation Managers, have worked together on this important piece of work.
You can find both of their contact details below.