Like you, we at FVS are eager to know the findings of the Area SEND inspection of Surrey Local Area Partnership carried out by Ofsted and CQC.  We want to understand what these findings mean for families and what needs to be done to improve the outcomes for children and young people and their families in Surrey. We already know that there is still much work to do.

We understand from our area representatives that many parent carers are concerned that the final inspection report hasn’t been published yet.

Surrey County Council have advised: ‘We’re expecting Ofsted to publish the Local Area SEND Inspection outcome report towards the end of the month and will share details once they have published it’.

Ofsteds Area SEND policy team have advised FVS: ‘As outlined in the handbook, in most circumstances, we will normally publish the report on our reports website 8 working days after sharing the final report with the local area partnership. If the local area wishes to make a formal complaint, it has 5 working days after we share the final report to do so. If a complaint is not received, we will normally publish the report 3 working days later. Ofsted’s publication of the report may be delayed if a complaint is received.’

We (Family Voice Surrey) are anticipating that the report could be released around the FVS Annual Event, details of which can be found here. Once the report is released, we will be setting up communications via several channels to have an open discussion with our members and parent carer community. There will be more information on this once the report is released.

You will see some changes to our agenda for the Annual Event, as we anticipate there will be lots of questions for our panel of key members of the Surrey Additional Needs and Disabilities Partnership. We are also making sure that we have the right people in the room to be able to hear your concerns and answer any questions on the day.  To help us with this, please do send any questions you might have in advance to:

In the meantime, we thought it would be helpful to share the process of how the inspection report will be released.

The inspection report is quality assured before a draft is sent to the local area*.  In most cases the draft report is sent to the local area within 14 days of the inspection finishing. This draft report is embargoed and not shared with a wider audience. The local area then has 10 days to comment on the report’s findings. Any comments will be considered and reviewed by the inspector and will be responded to when they share the final report with the local area – this is normal within 30 days on the inspection finishing. At this point, the report is still embargoed and confidential. The local area then has 5 days to make a formal complaint. If there is no formal complaint the report is released by Ofsted around three days after this. If there is a formal complaint submitted by the local area, then the publication of the report may be delayed.

*Surrey has a local area partnership made up of Surrey County Council, NHS Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Board (ICB) and NHS Frimley ICB.

As soon as we hear that Ofsted have published the report we will share this with you all.  We hope this helps but, in the meantime, please do get in touch via if you have any questions.