Event details

4th July (Tuesday 12pm)

Guest speaker Viv Dawes Autistic Advocate talking about meltdowns and shutdowns

Our Expert Speaker this time is Viv Dawes who is an autistic advocate, writer and trainer. Viv will be explaining meltdowns and shutdowns; why they happen and how understanding them is crucial for parent carers in knowing how to respond. She will teach about triggers; what is happening in the ND child’s or young person’s brain; and how to help support them.

Our ADHD/Autism online chat group is for Surrey parent carers of neurodivergent children and young people – with or without a diagnosis. The group meets on a regular basis and our events are free for FVS members to attend.

The FVS co-hosts for the group are Sara Draycott Waverley Co-ordinator and Diana Phillips Woking Co-ordinator.

Email sara.d@familyvoicesurrey.org for more details and the Zoom log-in details