16+ Group

Our 16+ group is for Surrey parent carers of young people aged 16-25 with additional needs (as well as parents of those approaching that age), with or without a diagnosis. The group meets on alternate months via Zoom on a Monday evening from 6.30pm – 8.00pm. For some sessions we are joined by expert speakers and at other times we have a general chat to enable members to share experiences and advice. We also have a WhatsApp group for day-to-day chat. The FVS co-hosts for the group are Tandridge Coordinator Gretta Schifano and Reigate & Banstead Coordinator Lucy Young. Email gretta.s@familyvoicesurrey.org for joining details.

PDA group (autistic/avoiding everyday demands)

Regular online chat group for parents and carers of children and young people with PDA/Autism with demand avoidant traits – with or without a diagnosis.

The group is an opportunity to chat with other parents and professionals and hear about their experiences and insights. We meet every other month and regularly invite experienced speakers and professionals for presentations. All are welcome to come and find out more and meet other parent carers. Email to join.

Host & co-host: Diana Phillips (Woking coordinator) woking@familyvoicesurrey.org  and Sara Draycott (Waverley coordinator) waverley@familyvoicesurrey.org

Transition to secondary school group

The transition to secondary school group is for parents who are thinking about how to prepare their child with additional needs for secondary school, or whose children have support needs as they settle in at secondary school. Group meetings take place online, usually monthly at 1pm on a Wednesday. We have some meetings focused on general catch-up so that parents can share concerns and experiences, and for others we are joined by expert speakers. In the last year we have heard from Surrey’s education and inclusion team and about support available from the school-based needs team; we have had Q&A sessions focused on supporting autistic children to make the transition, moving schools with and without EHCPs, and transition preparation tips from Eikon.  The FVS hosts for this group are Guildford Coordinator Nicole Farrell and Epsom and Ewell Coordinator Anna Dawson. Email epsomewell@familyvoicesurrey.org or guildford@familvoicesurrey.org for information and updates.

FASD Group

The FVS FASD Group is for Surrey parent carers of children and young people with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – with or without a diagnosis. The Group meets on a regular basis, both online and in-person, and provides an opportunity to share experiences and exchange advice.

FASD affects more people than Autism (around 2% of the population) yet it is a condition that is often misdiagnosed or missed completely, and often referred to as a hidden disability.  While more than 400 conditions can co-occur, FASD is primarily a neurodevelopmental condition with lifelong cognitive, emotional and behavioural challenges.

Membership of the FASD Group is free for Family Voice Surrey members.  We also have a WhatsApp Group for daily chat.

Please email sara.d@familyvoicesurrey.org for more information.

ADHD/Autism online group

The ADHD/Autism online group is for Surrey parent carers of neurodiverse children and young people, whether diagnosed or currently awaiting one.

The group meets online on a regular basis for talks with expert speakers or for opportunities to connect with other caregivers to share advice and experiences.  The FVS hosts are Sara Draycott, Waverley Co-ordinator, and Diana Phillips, Woking Co-ordinator.  Membership of the Group is free for Family Voice Surrey members.  Email sara.d@familyvoicesurrey.org for more details.